B i o g r a p h y
R o s e    B o n a n z a

Ms. Bonanza’s signature voice and electrifying, yet whimsical style has been sending audiences away raving since the 1960’s when she was one of the top lounge acts in Las Vegas.

Brooklyn born, Ms. Bonanza spent the early years of her childhood being taught piano and singing by the nuns in her neighborhood convent. It wasn’t long before everyone realized what a jewel they had in their midst. She brought the house down in her kindergarten class and knew her life would be about music from that day forward.

After landing a job in Las Vegas in the mid-sixties, her musical career zoomed through the major hotels in Las Vegas even before she was old enough to walk through the casinos, where celebrities like Dean Martin, Jack Carter, and Robert Goulet took her under their wings.

Musicians marveled at her remarkable talents. She added to her singing career and became the accomplished and world-renowned belly dancer, “Emra,” whom the New York Daily Mirror called the “toast of European intelligencia.”

Eventually, she returned to New York to raise a family and pursue a brilliant club career in the late 1970’s. Until recently, she and her husband/manager Michael DiMartino spent much of their lives on the road. Now, she picks and chooses her favorite spots to return to where her fans await her each year.

Rose has written hundreds of original songs and was signed to a multi-record deal with Dolphin Records in 1998. Her first release with them is “Merry Christmas Baby.”

Cadence Magazine Wrote:

"Bonanza has a jazz-oriented singing voice with a touch of sensuality to it. Rose has great phrasing and enunciation. She sets a romantic mood with a lovely reading of perennial classics. A sense of sultriness oozes from her tone on more sentimental tunes, but she can shed that image on more playful cuts. She creates either a sentimental or happy mood depending upon the song, but they are all sung with heart. She did a nice job!"

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