T h i s    A n g e l   T h i s    C h i l d

This song is off Rose's most recent release: Come Inside. It is growing in popularity all over the country. Women are finding that the CD is a great baby shower gift! Get it for the little angel in your life or in the life of someone you care about.

Lyrics: Who is this angel, this child from above?

Born of two people, two hearts with one love.

How does this happen, this miracle of birth?

When the heaven sent child becomes one with the earth?

Will she be a scholar? God, he is so handsome-

who knows what the fates have in store?

But one thing is for certain, the music of life

will endure and after time and life have slipped

by, the seed of the child is a legacy of a love that won't die.

Music and words: Rose Bonanza

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