S o u n d s    o f    t h e    R o s e
Released Year 1998

  1. Fever
    J. Davenport/E.Cooley

  2. You Go to My Head
    J. Fred Coots

  3. I Always Knew
    Rose Bonanza

  4. When Sunny Gets Blue
    J. Segel/M. Fisher

  5. Adios to You
    Rose Bonanza

  6. Here's That Rainy Day
    J. Burke/J. Van Heusen

  7. I Guess I Never Really Knew You
    Rose Bonanza

  8. Our Day Will Come
    B. Hillard/M. Garson

  9. Angel Eyes
    E. Brent/M.Dennis

  10. The Best is Yet to Come
    C. Coleman/C. Leigh

  11. Satan Never Sleeps
    H. Adamson/L. McCarey/H. Warren

  12. Easy to Love
    Cole Porter

  13. Save It For Me
    Rose Bonanza

  14. Zing Went the Strings of My Heart
    J. F. Hanley

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