R o s e ' s
P h o t o    A l  b u m


Frank Military, Warner Music, with Rose and Tony Bennett

Michael Bartolucci of The Practice says hi to Rose

Mark Anthony, Burt Bacharach, Dionne Warwick and Hal David

Justice Anthony Scalia

Tom Ridge

Sophia Loren

Doris Roberts, "Mom on Raymond"

Robert Logia

Patrick Ballentine - NC State Senator

Rose and Clive Davis

Beverly Sills

Clive Davis and Armaht Ertegew

Junior Soprano, Mark Anthony, Burt Bacharach, Dionne Warwick and Hal David

Chuck Mangione

Robert Loggia

Sofia Loren and Robert DeNiro

Dick Grasso, head of Stock Exchange

Frank Capra

Tony Lo Bianco

Yogi tells Rose how much he and his wife enjoy her style of music

Rose tells Dena Martino daughter of "Dino" about the times she performed with her Dad in Vegas

Clives Davis and Armaht Ertegew

Burt Bacharach and Rose

Bernadette Peters and Rose

"Uncle Junior" and Rose

Song writer Hal David and Rose at the Grammy Heroes Awards



Rose visit with Linda Dano of
Soap Fame. (NAIF 2001)

Rose with Dennis Farina.

Rose enjoys a chat with
Bobby Rydell. (NAIF 2000)

Rose with Yogi Berra + Friend.

Rose with Joe Piscopo +
Joe. Jr. (NAIF2000)

Down memory lane with
Joe Franklin.

Rose with Chuck Mangione @ the
Grammy Heroes Awards.

Tony Bennett Presents a Heroes
Award to Frank Military.

Joe Piscopo + Rose rehearse for
the National American Italian show.

Bernadette Peters + BBKing
show off their Heroes Awards.

Rose with Bernadette Peters
at the Grammy Heroes Awards.

Mohammed Ali with daughter
Laila Ali.

Bill Cosby presents a Heroes
Award to BBKing.

Diva Diana Ross with her family
as she receives the Heroes Award.

Joe Piscopo Dazzles the crowd.

Mohammed Ali sign autographs
as the National Italian
American dinner in his honor.

Diana Ross Showing gratitude
for the Heroes Award.

Mary Tyler Moore presents
the Heroes Awards to
Bernadette Peters.

Robert Klein MCs.

Phil Ramone thanks
the audience.

Frank Military + "The Pope of Pop"
Phil Ramone.

Rose and Bernadette Peters
share a good laugh.

Rose visith with Tony Bennett
at the Azalea Festival in Wilm, NC.

25TH National Italian American
Foundation 2000 in Honor
of Mohammed Ali.

Rose Visits Tony Bennett +
Frank Military

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