R o s e    B o n a n z a

Is proud to introduce her NEWEST CD
This CD has been hailed by critics as
A true anthem for September 11th and the current world situation

Rose Presents Congressman Mike McIntyre of North Carolina's 7th District with her CD WE ARE AMERICANS

United we stand, so say the voices of the champions, the courageous heroes and heroines of September 11th, 2001 and our armed forces everywhere.

This album is dedicated to everyone involved in the search, rescue, and recovery of that tragic day in September 2001. To all of the fire and police personnel, to all of the brave civilians, to everyone lost, to all the survivors, and the brave men and women on the doomed air flights of that tragic September day.

To all military personnel, past and present who have given so much of themselves for these United States and Freedom.

America has again proven to the world that we are proud, we are solid, we are united, we are Americans.

God Bless America,
Rose Bonanza

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